How to install WSAS 3.01 on Weblogic

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  • By Charith Wickramarachchi
  • 18 May, 2009

WSAS Configuration

Before deploying in a JavaEE Container there are some basic configurations to be done to WSAS 

first  you must download the WSAS distribution zip file and extract it.Then go to the extracted directory and make a directory name carbon_repo

ex: /home/wso2/wsas/carbon_repo

I'll be refer this directory (carbon_repo) as CARBON_HOME

copy lib , repository , resources , database , conf directories to the CARBON_HOME directory from the extracted directory and create a directory named wsas in CARBON_HOME . Then go to the extracted directory of wsas distribution (ex /home/wso2/wsas/) and copy the WEB_INF directory in webapps/ROOT/ to the CARBON_HOME/wsas/

now you have setup the basic directory structure for the deployment.(of course you can use the existing directory structure for the deployment. But to keep things cleaner i suggest this directory structure)


Ok lets start configuring WSAS. We have to edit carbon.xml , registry.xml , axis2.xml , usr-mgt.xml which are located in the CABON_HOME/conf

Open carbon.xml and update the ServerURL xml and HostName elements as follows

<ServerURL> </ServerURL>

And also update the DB URL in registry.xml and usr-mgt.xml as follows


here you must specify the absolute path to the CARBON_HOME/database/WSO2CARBON_DB. in above i have used a example absolute path (/home/wso2/wsas/carbon_repo)

Now we must modify the contextRoot of the service path in axis2.xml . Change it to match with the webapplication directory name(directory which we copy the WEB-INF folder ) in our case its wsas

<parameter name="contextRoot">/wsas</parameter>

and also we must change the Axis2 Transports configuration in the axis2.xml . This can be done by replacing http and https transport receivers with following configuration 


<transportReceiver name="http"
<parameter name="port">7001</parameter>

<transportReceiver name="https"
<parameter name="port">7002</parameter>

Web Logic Configuration

We will be start configuring the weblogic by creating a new weblogic new domain.Assume our BEA home is /home/wso2/bea/wlserver_10.3/common/bin

start building new configuration by

  • In the first dialog box select create new WebLogic domain option
  • In the next dialog box we will be asked to select the Domain source keep the default values in that dialog box
  • In the next dialog box you will be asked to give the passwords for the Administrator account here i'll be giving username = "admin" and password="admin123"
  • In the next dialog box "Configure Server start mode and jdk" select the sun jdk which is selected by default and select the Development mode as the start up mode
  • In the next dialog  box "Customize Environment and Service settings" selects  NO option. We can do the configuration later
  • In next dialog box set the domain name as wsas and keep the default domain location and hit the create button

The domain you created can be found at /home/wso2/bea/user_projects/domains/wsas

Set the environmental variable "CARBON_HOME" to the CARBON_HOME we defined earlier(/home/wso2/wsas/carbon_repo) and  start the weblogic on the new configuration domain you created

(eg : you can set in Linux machine by $export CARBON_HOME=/home/wso2/wsas/carbon_repo)


After we start the weblogic as above we can access the the admin console using the web browser

open the web browser and go to url https://localhost:7001/console

Where you will be directed to the login page of the Administration console of Weblogic login to it by entering username = admin and password = admin123

Then we will be directed to the admin console of Oracle Weblogic

Now lets start configuring the weblogic for WSAS.

step 1 : Go to the Environment ->Servers section of the Configuration Domain(wsas) there we will see a running instance if AdminServer. To Configure it click on it.

step 2 : In the general section select the option listen port enable and set the listen port as 7001 , and also select the option SSL listen port enable and set the listen port 7002

step 3 : Then go to the keystores tab and do the following configuration

 Keystores : Custom Identity and Custom trust
 Custom Identity Keystore : CARBON_HOME/resources/security/wso2carbon.jks 
 Custom Identity Keystore Type: jks
 Custom Identity Keystore Passphrase: wso2carbon
 Confirm Custom Identity Keystore Passphrase: wso2carbon
 Custom Trust Keystore : CARBON_HOME/resources/security/wso2carbon.jks 
 Custom Trust Keystore Type: jks
 Custom Trust Keystore Passphrase:wso2carbons
 Confirm Custom Trust Keystore Passphrase:wso2carbon 

 step 4 : Then go to the SSL tab and do the following configuration

 Identity and Trust Locations:KeyStores
 Private Key Alias:wso2carbon
 Private Key Passphrase:wso2carbon
 Confirm Private Key Passphrase:wso2carbon

 step 5 : Now you have almost done with the configuration now lets go to the deployment of the wsas.

 Click on the deployments section of the domain https://localhost:7002/wsas/carbonn Structure.In the coming page you will see a table with zero deployments. Click on the Install button of the deployment table.That will direct us to the install Application assistant where we can browse and select the webapp that is located in CARBON_HOME which is wsas. Then click next

 step 6 : In the next page select the option install this deployment as an Application option and click next

 step 7 : In the next page keep the defaults and click finish. That will direct you to the deployments page where you will see the wsas application got deployed and in Active state.(If its not in active state select the webapp and start it)

Now if you look at the console that you start the configuration domain you will the the logs that carbon get started.After it finish starting you will be able to access the WSO2 WSAS admin console by going to the page



In this article we looked at how to deploy WSO2 Web Services Application Server(WSAS) 3.01 in Oracle Weblogic.In the first sections we looked in to the WSAS configuration that needed to be done to deployed in a Application Server.

In latter part of the Article we looked how the Weblogic specific configuration to be done to deploy WSAS.


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