Re-Inventing Enterprise IT Around APIs and Apps

  • By John Mathon
  • 9 Oct, 2013

John Mathon, Vice President of Product Marketing made a presentation on Re-inventing Enterprise IT around APIs & Apps at the CAA CIOC Conference held in Halifax, Canada. John’s talk focused on the importance of connected business and how the disruptive forces in the enterprise space are creating new ways to manage the enterprise IT assets that foster re-use, rapid integration of innovation both inside and outside an organization. He also examined how a connected business can improve an organization’s ability to connect with people, processes and data.

WSO2 was a Gold sponsor at the CAA CIOC Conference which was held from 4-6 September in Halifax, Canada. The Chief Information Officer Council (CIOC) is made up of the CIO’s and IT decision makers of the associated clubs within the Canadian Automobile Association and the National Office. Their primary objectives are to:

  • Share technology related information, best practices and resources
  • Provide a single voice in vendor communication
  • Make commonly deployed technology work reliably and effectively through the sharing of information and resources.
  • Assess new technology tools, separate hype from reality and provide recommendations for implementation