WSO2 Governance Registry Artifact Deployment

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  • By Jasintha Dasanayake
  • 30 Aug, 2011

Applies To

Operating Systems Windows ,Linux and Mac
Sun Java 1.6.24 Upward
Carbon Studio 1.0.12 Upward
WSO2 Governance Registry 3.0.0 Upward


You can use WSO2 Carbon Studio to create your CApp. A CApp is deployed in the form of a Carbon Archive (.car) file. Following are some of the advantages of using CApp

  • A simple way to deploy artifacts
  • CApp is a collection of sub-artifacts packed together into a single deployment artifact, a .car file. With the .car file it's very easy to deploy multiple artifacts in to GReg rather than deploying & maintaining them separately. For example, CApp supports

      • Registry Resource Artifacts
      • Registry Handlers Artifacts
      • Registry Filter Artifacts
      • Registry Aspect Artifacts
      • Governance Archive (gar Artifacts).
    • Using CApp you can name, version or even specify where a particular artifact should get deployed, rather than someone else having to figure it out
    • Idea of hot deployment/update/undeployment is built-in for CApp ( however OSGi related artifacts in a CApp has some limitation when it comes to hot update/undeployment)
  • Our development platform - Carbon Studio, supports creating, testing, debugging & deploying CApp artifacts intuitively with the least effort.

More Information

Table 1: Comparison between different artifact deployment methods
Features CApp OSGI Bundle Jar File
Ability to Consume existing OSGi services Yes Yes No
Exposing several versions of same package Yes Yes No
Automatic activation (through OSGi runtime) Yes Yes No
Tooling support to build artifacts Yes Yes Yes
Build automation Yes (Maven) Yes (Maven) Yes (Maven)
Capturing run time information of artifacts Yes Yes
Automatic deployment capability Yes Yes (Requires restart or Installation through OSGI console) Yes (Restart requires)
Hot deployment support Yes Yes No
Hot update support Yes Yes No
Hot undeploy support Yes Yes No
Creating a single deployable artifact including multiple artifacts Yes Yes No
Tooling support to create/edit/deploy/undeploy artifacts Yes Yes No



Jasintha Dasanayake, Software Engineer, WSO2 Inc.