WSO2 Customer Stories: Nelson Raimond, SHF, Talks About WSO2 Support

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  • 16 Jul, 2012

We caught up with Nelson Raimond of Sociedad Hipotecaria Federal (SHF) of Mexico after his presentation at WSO2Con 2011. There we discussed the bank’s experiences with the WSO2 support team. Here is an edited version of our talk. See video for full interview.

WSO2: Nelson, you had a really important discussion today about the role of support. When you were looking at different OSS vendors, what role did support play in that evaluation process?

NR: It was the key factor for us because we care about customer support a lot. If a vendor does not support you from the development or production standpoint, then it's very difficult to adopt a solution.

WSO2: What have your experiences been like with WSO2 support?

NR: It's been terrific. They always answer our questions. In production, all these solutions are very stable, so we haven't used it right now. But for development, it was terrific. The time of response is very nice. The guys really know the technology, and if they don't know the response, they ask for backup. But they do it very quickly, and you get an answer. So you can go on with the adoption and the programming. So you reach production with very neat applications and very stable features.

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