WSO2 Customer Stories: University of Informatic Sciences adoption of WSO2 middleware

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  • 9 Jul, 2012

WSO2: Jorge, your story about how you came to use WSO2 middleware products was probably a little bit different than what people would expect.

JIO: I come from an open source country. We love open source. At my university, all of our applications are designed in PHP. In 2009, we needed to integrate some of these applications, so found a framework for PHP. After that, we had some Java applications, and we need to expose these functionalities using a Web service. So we found Axis2. We wanted to build a business process; we found the Business Process Server from WSO2, and we say, "Hey, what happened here? We found different tools for different stuff from the same company.”

So we researched WSO2 and found a great community with a lot of people interested in the development of SOA, too. We subscribed to the emailing list and started to talk to the developers, and found a great tool in this place. We finally started to use the ESB, Application Server, Gadget Server, BAM Server…all this stuff is pretty great. We are developing an architecture, and all of our requirements are covered by the WSO2 stack, which is pretty amazing.

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