WSO2 Customer Stories: WSO2 middleware at Two Degrees Mobile

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  • 16 Jul, 2012

WSO2: Neeraj, one of the things you discussed was the ease of use and flexibility of WSO2 middleware. How did that help you quickly get into business?

NS: That’s one of the key factors that allowed us to create a lot of innovation in a quick time. When we first acquired the product, we didn't have to spend a lot of time to come up to speed with the tooling. WSO2 was quite intuitive, lightweight, and using WSO2 took the bulk of the effort away from mastering the tools, mastering the inherent sensitivities and nuances of the software. Because WSO2 adheres to best practices, it makes it easier for anybody to come in, if he/she is familiar with the framework, and just focus on creating the software.

WSO2: Another thing that was really impressive was your ability to turn around a competitive solution in just a day's time. Could you tell us a little bit about that?

NS: We utilized some of the key WSO2 products, like Data Services, to expose critical pieces of information. The telecom plan information was in a database, and for us it was as simple as tweaking the database, a simple five-minute configuration. The data service is refreshed, and off you go! You have a new plan in say half an hour or so. That was just one example. We have done several such examples, and I can't thank WSO2 enough for providing such easy-to-use, flexible solutions.

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