WSO2: Driving Business Agility in Financial Services

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  • By wso2 wso2
  • 3 Oct, 2011

In Business-agile Enterprise architecture, Business process, Governance, Data/Storage management, Security, Business Activity Monitoring, heterogeneous systems integration are few key functionalities. WSO2 offers a single platform to address all these functionalities with a lean, SOA approach to maximize your ROI. Open Source and corporate friendly Apache Software License gives the flexibility to adopt changes quickly without interrupting the ongoing business processes while WSO2 professional support makes it a hassle free middleware running in an agile IT infrastructure.

WSO2 ESB is the only Open Source ESB that has the FIX ( Financial Information eXchange) built in to the bus. Together with ESB, WSO2 product platform offers a complete, lean, SOA solution for the Financial Services. To get an insight knowledge of WSO2's approach to an agile financial business solution, read this White Paper.