[WSO2Con2013] Achieving Agility with WSO2 App Factory

  • By WSO2Con 2013
  • 22 Feb, 2013
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Developing applications using a scalable, adaptable, and repeatable development methodology is challenging task. While one team or project may be extremely effective, an organization’s ability to transfer best practices across teams and projects is hindered by outdated development tooling, poor processes, and ineffective governance. By selecting WSO2 App Factory, your team can accelerate time to market, gain on-demand access to development tools, simplify the development experience, and seamlessly integrate a governed, iterative lifecycle management process into your existing development tool chain. By linking DevOps activities, governance, and self-service across the entire software development lifecycle, WSO2 App Factory transforms the development experience, fosters innovation, and enables IT business agility.

In this session, Shankar will describe:

  • Why traditional software development infrastructure continually fails to provide agility at scale
  • When teams are choosing to build an Ecosystem PaaS, scale development collaboration, and introduce transformative development services via a Cloud DevOps Factory
  • Where teams transform source control, build management, test automation, and deployment into a governed workflow and on-demand collaboration workspace
  • How WSO2 App Factory revolutionizes application development by linking development tooling, policies, processes, and dashboards with Cloud Platform as a Service to create a governed on-demand application development environment at web scale.
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