Become a Partner

Hundreds of millions of dollars of enterprise integration project revenue has been backed by WSO2 technology. Partnering with WSO2 can accelerate your business, help you develop competitive advantage, uncover new lead sources, and lead to satisfied repeat customers. Learn more about the types of partnership programs available below.

Integration Partners

System integrators that build integrations for customers using WSO2 products. Partnering with WSO2 helps grow your services business by generating leads to prospects interested in WSO2, validating your expertise and experience, and providing access to training and enablement resources. WSO2 benefits by Subscription sales to these prospects. WSO2 has two programs serving system integrators, WSO2 Integration Partner and WSO2 Certified Integration Partner.


Solution providers that build revenue streams through the resale of WSO2 Subscriptions and services, alongside their own value-added services. Resellers are authorized to sell directly to enterprises, the public sector, and other ISVs. WSO2 Value-Added Resellers engage directly with customers for the complete account lifecycle, while WSO2 Fulfillment Resellers work alongside a WSO2-driven sale to handle procurement.

Technology Partners

ISVs and OEMs that integrate with, embed or extend the capabilities of WSO2 technology into new products and services. We partner to collaborate on joint promotion, technology integration, and contributions with open-source software.