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WSO2 Open Healthcare

Healthcare business leaders need more from interoperability than just better access to EHR data; they want complete digital supply chain optimization. WSO2 Open Healthcare unlocks data and powers the next generation of healthcare through standards-compliant FHIR® API interoperability that enables better data sharing and improved outcomes.

Why WSO2? Because we were looking for a company that was a thought leader in the space and one that was going to be a partner for us, not just a technology vendor."

Lead Engineering Manager,
Healthcare Company

Schedule a demo of WSO2 Open Healthcare to see how it enables healthcare payers, providers, and technology companies to:

  • Use pre-built FHIR® API definitions to speed development time and decrease time-to-market.
  • Transform various data models to the FHIR® format.
  • Integrate with EMR systems, wearable devices, health databases, SaaS applications, in-house services, etc.
  • Register third-party application providers.
  • Collect statistical and real-time insights into your APIs.
  • Deploy on-prem, in multiple clouds, in VMs, and in containers.