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How APIs Transform Both Your Business and Technology

Thursday, October 1, 2020


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"APIs open new angles into business strategy and thus deserve the attention of senior management — even the C-suite,”

Forrester Research, Inc. observes in the report, Now Tech: API Management Solutions, Q3 2020.

As a transformation enabler, APIs represent key business capabilities that you can rapidly reconfigure to serve new customers, reach new markets, and create new value. But just as critical, APIs are a technical enabler for agile cloud-native architecture in the era of software-powered business.

During the webinar, we will cover:

  • How APIs have emerged as key products and transformation agents for the 21st Century
  • New API-driven ecosystems and marketplace models being adopted by organizations
  • The need to readily adapt to diverse infrastructure models
  • How expanded API management and integration capabilities underpin these new business models and drive business and technology innovation
  • How to achieve greater flexibility and efficiency by combining APIs, microservices, and serverless computing

Presented by

Randy Heffner

Randy Heffner

VP & Principal Analyst, Forrester Research Inc

Randy is a vice president and principal analyst at Forrester, covering solution architecture, integration strategy, and business-technology strategy. With nearly 40 years in the industry, Randy guides clients in how APIs (application programming interfaces), microservices, and other trends foster sustainable business agility for innovation in customer engagement and business partner value chains.

Nuwan Dias

Nuwan Dias

VP & Deputy CTO - API Management and Integration, WSO2 Inc

Nuwan is author of the book Microservices Security in Action. He also is the Product Manager of WSO2's API management platform. He leads the vision and roadmap for the product and is part of the architecture team that leads engineering efforts. Nuwan works closely with WSO2's customers, helping them with their API strategies and architectures.