Rolta Turns GIS Data into Actionable Information with WSO2 ESB


Rolta Turns GIS Data into Actionable Information with WSO2 ESB

Geographic information systems (GIS) based integration systems enable enterprises to integrate different specifications on a physical location. This data is used to produce informed decisions on public and private investments in infrastructure and services, as well as more effective and timely responses in emergency situations. However, organizations frequently need to overcome common data sharing and integration challenges to fully leverage these benefits. Rolta, a leading provider of innovative IT solutions for many vertical segments, has been at the forefront in addressing this GIS challenge.

Combining the Geospatial products, solutions & consulting expertise along with iPerspective™ enterprise suite, Rolta has been helping organizations in the geospatial arena to adopt service-oriented architecture (SOA) technologies and best practices to share information from different data sources, integrate disparate systems, and future-proof their IT investments.

More recently, Rolta has developed connectors to create a cost-effective and maintainable solutions using iPerspective™ Enterprise suite by leveraging on the integration and transformation capabilities of WSO2 ESB. For example, through a combined iPerspective-WSO2 ESB solution, a federal traffic agency now has immediate access to GIS information to help analyze crimes and accidents.

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