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Rolta Turns GIS Data into Actionable Information with WSO2 ESB

Rolta, a leading provider of innovative IT solutions, has been at the forefront in addressing common data sharing and integration challenges of Geographic information systems (GIS). Recently Rolta developed connectors to create a cost-effective and maintainable solutions using iPerspective™ Enterprise suite by leveraging on the integration and transformation capabilities of WSO2 ESB. A federal traffic agency, through a combined iPerspective-WSO2 ESB solution, now has immediate access to GIS information to help analyze crimes and accidents.

We were able to move our project forward so quickly. It simply amazed us.

Karun Chennuri
Senior Security Architect, Rolta

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Public Administration



The Requirement

  • Address persistent GIS integration issues with an ESB to provide cost-effective and maintainable custom solutions
  • Adapt to meet a company’s requirements around the Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformation (XSLT) of SOAP messages

The Solution

  • WSO2’s fully open source ESB to support a range of industry standards, including SOAP messaging
  • The flexibility and configurability of the component-based, cloud-enabled WSO2 ESB architecture, providing the ability to support both Rolta’s current and future needs
  • High scalability of WSO2 ESB supporting Rolta's integration requirements while maintaining high throughput and availability