9 May, 2024

OSU & WSO2: A Decade Journey in Integration & Innovation

At The Ohio State University, one of the largest public institutions, we have ERPs, departmental systems, 3rd-party and custom-developed applications, and many other systems. That said, unless the activities are so enclosed or unique to themselves, there comes a point where data and/or interoperability is needed. A web page or app without data is just a pretty front-end!

In this world of digital everything and ever-changing technology, we need to be flexible, agile, efficient, and effective in sharing and integrating across multiple channels for faculty, staff, other constituents, and especially students. Glenn’s small but mighty team of architects and data engineers are central to much of this work.

In this session, Glenn will share OSU’s 10+ year journey with WSO2, focusing on our digital transformation in enterprise integrations, data management, and "developer" enablement. I'll briefly explore the challenges faced, solutions implemented, and lessons learned, showcasing the impact, evolution, and future with WSO2.


Glenn Donaldson

Glenn Donaldson

Chief Architect and Director, Enterprise Architecture and Integration at the Office of Technology and Digital Innovation,
The Ohio State University

Glenn is an influential and result-oriented technology leader with 30+ years of achievement in leveraging technology, championing innovation, evolving vision, and engaging partners/stakeholders to drive operational excellence, constituent satisfaction and strive for competitive edge in the Higher Education IT domain. Glenn is a change agent for enterprise architecture, development, integration and data enablement, staff development, usage of innovative and emerging technologies. Glenn has held various technical/leadership roles in his 30 full-time years at Ohio State where he has led or participated in some of the university's most impactful efforts.