9 May, 2024

IoT Needs CIAM: The Importance of Centralized IAM in a Growing IoT Ecosystem

Vodafone IoT provides intelligent IoT networks to support over 160 million IoT connections across over 190 countries, making us the largest global IoT platform in the world. IAM is the cornerstone of Vodafone's plan to improve the customer experience and ensure that systems are safe and secure while upholding data privacy and other standards that are in place. We needed to modernize our approach to IAM to support multiple use cases, including B2B CIAM and B2C CIAM. This presentation provides insight into how Vodafone approached this problem and has built the foundation to safeguard customer information, lower risk, and create new opportunities for both consumers and businesses.


Aditya Kumar

Aditya Kumar

IoT Lead Solution Designer,
Vodafone Business

Aditya, an IoT Lead Solution Designer at Vodafone, is responsible for transforming identity and access management (IAM) for the Vodafone’s IoT Platform. With over 20 years of experience in IoT Products & Security, IAM, enterprise mobility management, networks, and BSS/OSS domains, he is a recognized expert across a wider range of technology and has a deep understanding of the industry. His primary responsibility is to design and drive IAM integrations with customers, and he is also responsible for the overall strategy for IAM solutions.