WSO2 to Present Session on Managing a Connected Identity Environment at European Identity & Cloud Conference 2015

WSO2 director of security architecture will explore the benefits, risks and challenges of implementing an identity environment for today’s connected business

Mountain View, CA – April 30, 2015 – Connected businesses are extremely dynamic and complex environments driven by a goal to create more business interactions and activities that will generate greater revenue. At European Identity & Cloud Conference 2015, WSO2 Director of Security Architecture Prabath Siriwardena will examine the benefits, risks and challenges that come with building an identity environment to support today’s connected business.

WSO2 is a Platinum Sponsor of European Identity & Cloud Conference 2015, which will run May 5-8, 2015 at the Dolce BallhausForum in Munich, Germany.

The Complexity of a Connected Identity Environment

The presentation, “Connected Identity: Benefits, Risks & Challenges,” will run 6:50 – 7:10 p.m. on Wednesday, May 6, 2015.

Prabath will begin the session by discussing how enterprises need to go beyond integrating technology silos and make their business more accessible and reactive to customers, partners, distributors and suppliers. He then will explain how creating a connected businesses environment requires the ability to propagate identities across borders in a protocol-agnostic way.

Prabath then will examine the challenges connected businesses face in working with various organizations that rely on different identity standards. He also will explore the two most common anti-patterns that face enterprises today: federation silos and spaghetti identity.

Drilling down into identity federation, Prabath will discuss the need to address multiple federations running in different silos supported by different standards such as the Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML), OpenID, or OpenID Connect. Additionally, he will look at the issue of how, even within a given federation, enterprises need a way to scale and support an increasing number of service providers and identity providers.

Prabath next will review the reluctance of service providers to trust each identity provider, the driver behind the spaghetti identity anti-pattern found in so many organizations. He then will conclude with recommended best practices for avoiding both anti-patterns in order to create a robust identity environment for today’s connected businesses.

About the Presenter

Prabath Siriwardena is WSO2 director of security architecture. He is a member of the OASIS Identity Metasystem Interoperability (IMI) Technical Committee (TC), OASIS eXtensible Access Control Markup Language (XACML) TC, OASIS Security Services (SAML) TC, OASIS Identity in the Cloud TC, and OASIS Cloud Authorization (CloudAuthZ) TC. Prabath is also a member of Apache Axis Project Management Committee, and he has spoken at numerous international conferences including OSCON, ApacheCon, WSO2Con, EIC, IDentity Next and OSDC. Prabath has more than 10 years of industry experience and has worked with many Fortune 100 companies.

Integrated Open Source Approach to the Connected Business

The WSO2 booth at European Identity & Cloud Conference 2015 will have experts available to discuss the synergistic, integrated approach of WSO2’s 100% open source platforms in addressing the technology demands of competing in a connected world, including the cloud, API management, the management and security of mobile and Internet of Things devices, big data analytics, and DevOps. Among the WSO2 solutions are products from the comprehensive WSO2 Carbon enterprise middleware platform—including WSO2 Identity Server, WSO2 API Manager, WSO2 API Cloud, WSO2 Private PaaS, and the WSO2 App Factory cloud-enabled DevOps platform.

Significantly, all WSO2 solutions are built on the same fully componentized, OSGI-compliant code base. As a result, developers can easily deploy and customize any of these WSO2 products and the 175-plus components on which they are comprised, providing greater flexibility and agility to meet changing enterprise demands. In addition to WSO2 cloud platforms, all WSO2 Carbon enterprise middleware products also are fully multitenant and cloud-ready. This means IT professionals can write an application once and deploy it on the same middleware on-premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment.

About European Identity & Cloud Conference 2015

EIC 2015 is the place where identity management, cloud and information security thought leaders and experts get together to discuss and shape the future of secure, privacy-aware agile, business and innovation driven IT. The EIC is renowned for its influence and unique combination of thought leadership, best practices, discussions and strategic guidance on the future of security in the world of digital business. Over 600 IT professionals will assemble in Munich to be inspired by a forward-thinking, worldwide community. For more information, visit

About WSO2

WSO2 delivers on the promise of the connected business with the only completely integrated enterprise platform that enables businesses to build, integrate and manage their APIs, applications, and Web services on-premises, in the cloud, and on mobile devices. Leading enterprise customers worldwide rely on WSO2’s award-winning 100% open source platform and its robust governance and DevOps functionality for their mission-critical applications. Today, these businesses represent nearly every sector: health, financial, retail, logistics, manufacturing, travel, technology, telecom and more. Visit or check out the WSO2 community on the WSO2 Blog, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook..

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