May 02, 2017
3 min read

Custom API Error Messages

When API subscribers make mistakes during API invocation be it a wrong REST path, submitting an invalid OAuth key or going beyond the throttling limit - they get an error message like: {"fault":{"code":900902,"message":"Missing Credentials","description":"Required OAuth credentials not provided. Make sure your API invocation call has a header: \"Authorization: Bearer ACCESS_TOKEN\""}} We now allow WSO2 API Cloud customers to change these messages so you can have something like:
 "errors" {
"message": "Make sure to pass OAuth key as Authorization Bearer. Confused? Read our documentation and samples at"
  Custom messages work for both JSON and XML responses. Making the change is easy: submit a ticket via API Cloud's Support menu, let us know which messages you want to be changed, and our engineers will get your custom messages into the system. This nicely affects other branding options that we have such as custom URL, custom developer portal theme, and custom emails.