May 10, 2016
3 min read

Monetize Your APIs with WSO2 API Cloud

APIs are a great enabler of your core business and they can also be a revenue stream of their own. Monetizing your APIs can be a daunting endeavor: you need to collect and store payment information, ensure PCI compliance, create subscription and billing workflows, integrate them with the statistics system, do customer invoicing and self-service billing information access, maybe implement freemium models and so on, and so forth. Luckily all of this can now be handled by WSO2 API Cloud! All you need to do is enable Monetization by clicking the corresponding menu item:

Once Monetization is enabled and you created all the subscription tiers you need, you can turn any of the tiers into commercial plans:

And provide the pricing information:

You can then customize your invoices and billing emails, provide us with your bank account information - and start receiving your revenue (minus the 5% commission that WSO2 will hold).

Follow full instructions on API monetization setup in our documentation, and turn your APIs into revenue generator!