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VPN Cloud API Gateway to Your On-Premises Backend

Connecting cloud-based API gateway to on-premises backend web service is one of the most frequent API management scenarios. Our traditional approach to this has been to ask customers to expose the service to the internet (obviously protected with SSL certificates, IP whitelisting, and authentication).

Today we are announcing that we officially added VPN as another option.

The solution is fully secured and managed:

  • Each customer gets a separate subnetwork in our cloud space,
  • The subnetwork has a highly available load-balancer cluster,
  • That cluster then connects to your network via AWS VPN:

VPN from API Gateway to On-Premises Backend

The solution is available at no extra cost to all API Cloud subscribers with plans Medium and higher .

This lets you get one of the features that we traditionally only allowed in our dedicated hosting (Managed Cloud) at a much lower price.

To get started, simply click the Support menu in API Cloud interface and submit your request. Our engineer will respond and guide you through the setup process.


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