Jumpstart Your Cloud Transition

Accelerate your digital initiatives with WSO2 Private Cloud. Our fully managed digital platform comes with proven best practices so you can innovate fast and deploy projects on your dedicated cloud infrastructure in your region—in just a few weeks.


You can now ensure rapid innovation, with regular, seamless, and proactive updates to your WSO2 products. Leverage the benefits of enhanced agility and scalability as you grow.

Optimized private cloud

  • Virtual private cloud deployment
  • Optimized with proven best practices
  • High availability and disaster recovery
  • Managed and monitored 24x7
  • Secured and updated by WSO2


  • Includes one pre-prod instance free of cost
  • CI/CD pipeline and multi-stage environment
  • Cloud-native, with auto-scaling
  • Control for deployment, management, performance optimization

Secure and Compliant

  • Integrated identity and access management (IAM)
  • Zero-trust environment


  • Lower platform infrastructure TCO
  • Accelerated time to market
  • Transparent subscription pricing model


Learn how cost-effective your API integration projects can be with WSO2 Private Cloud, all available with our simple subscription pricing.

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