WSO2 Adaptive Authentication

What is Adaptive Authentication?

Ensuring maximum security while providing reasonable usability is a continuous tradeoff. When using Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) or Employee Identity and Access Management (EIAM), it’s always important to provide your users a frictionless experience to log on to applications and devices. But, given the volatile nature of user devices, networks, locations and usage contexts, you may have to provide various measures as Multi-factor authentication (MFA) to authenticate users appropriately.

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Enter adaptive authentication

Adaptive authentication is an evolved form of Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) where authentication steps can be configured and deployed in such a way that the system would decide which steps to prompt during the authentication process depending on the user’s risk profile and the behaviour. This enables an organisation to apply precisely the right level of gateway security to each and every login request instead of issuing static procedures for everyone to follow, under all circumstances.

You can implement adaptive authentication across your enterprise with the latest version of WSO2 Identity Server. Read our white paper to learn more about our highly extensible IAM solution.


Why upgrade your MFA to
Adaptive Authentication?

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Reasons to Upgrade from MFA to
Adaptive Authentication

Challenges with Legacy MFA Solutions

  • People don’t just use MFA and extensive authentication methods affects productivity
  • Inherent security vulnerabilities in MFA mechanisms
  • Lacks customization - the need for a mechanism beyond one-size-fits-all

How Adaptive Authentication Solves Them

  • Lessening the friction in low-risk activities
  • Enhanced security with contextual data considered during authentication
  • Flexibility to meet corporate and user needs by accommodating unique use cases

How WSO2 Identity Server Provides
Adaptive Authentication

  • Open source, future-proof adaptive authentication platform that is highly extensible
  • A comprehensive toolset to design your adaptive authentication sequence
  • Bring complex authentication policies in a simpler manner through script based templates
  • Designed to quickly integrate with risk engines and external system

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