Leveraging IoT in Your Enterprise - Use Cases

  • By WSO2 Team
  • 21 Apr, 2017

From behavioral tracking, asset management, vehicle fleet tracking, building automation controls to digital telematics, WSO2’s extensive IoT platform provides enterprises the capability to build mobile device and app management and enterprise IoT solutions.

Use Cases

Presence and Behavioral Tracking

Beacons provide precise determination of location, thus enabling a new level of location-based services, both indoors and outdoors. As a result, industries are able to offer greater customer experiences with enhanced services, such as easy navigation, hyper local advertising, couponing, and pushing relevant information to meet specific requirements. Powered by its IoT platform, WSO2 has helped enterprises develop solutions that cater to both indoor and outdoor behavioral tracking of customers with beacon management, faulty beacon detection, and managed APIs to access data captured by these beacons.

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Asset Management

Enterprises have estimated that they spend at least 100 hours per month looking for assets and yet, on average, at least 6-10 assets are lost each month, potentially adding up to $10,000 a year. IoT enables these assets to be tracked, managed, and operated in an efficient way. The key benefit to the enterprise is proactive maintenance and efficient methodology of geo-fencing for tools. WSO2’s IoT platform offers the key capabilities required to build an efficient asset management platform that helps end users to plan, implement, and maintain their assets.

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Vehicle Fleet Tracking

Are drivers maintaining safe speeds and are they making the right stops at the right time? Is there a way to check for possible fuel wastage? Are drivers on their designated routes or are they making unnecessary stops? These are some key challenges, if addressed by enterprises, could save them time and money. The WSO2 IoT platform can connect to vehicles fitted with sensors and generate a vast amount of valuable data. These capabilities have helped enterprises build sophisticated fleet management solutions, leveraging smart analytics to gain insights into inefficiencies, real time.

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Building Automation Controls

Smart buildings and smart homes are becoming increasingly popular given the many benefits this concept has to offer. From heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting to other systems, it’s evident that being able to automatically and centrally control these will improve operational efficiencies, reduce energy consumption and operating costs, and improve the life cycle of utilities. WSO2’s IoT platform capabilities have helped enterprises build efficient building automation systems, integrating, securing, and analyzing IoT and mobile devices, and applications.

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Digital Telematics

Imagine being able to send an automatic alert to your car maintenance agent in the event of a sudden breakdown or emergency repair? Digital telematics brings together IoT and smart analytics capabilities to create a smart car and do just that. WSO2 has helped customers build digital telematics systems that combine a GPS system with on-board diagnostics to monitor, track, and record details of your vehicle’s performance, internally. And adding this over a network will enable a car to respond to external factors as well.

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Custom Device Management for Android-Powered Devices

Managing custom device types with specific protocols can be challenging. But an extensible IoT platform can help you write a custom plugin or connector for your device, enabling you to manage your Android-powered devices. WSO2 has helped enterprises build solutions on top of its rich platform that includes API management and smart analytics, empowering administrators to monitor, manage, audit, and secure corporate data in their custom Android devices.

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Out-of-the-Box Management of Android-Powered Devices

Powered by its IoT platform capabilities, WSO2 offers ready-to-deploy connected device, enterprise IoT, and smart device solutions for enterprises operating in any industry. These solutions will help you to connect and manage your enterprise assets digitally, understand usage of enterprise assets to improve productivity and profitability, and predict other factors, such as demand, load, activity, and failure.

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