9 Jul, 2015

[WSO2Con EU 2015] Reference Architecture for EDA

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John Mathon,
Vice President – Enterprise Evangelism, WSO2

John Mathon joined WSO2 in 2013 and he currently serves as Vice President of Enterprise Evangelism. As a founder of TIBCO software and inventor of the publish/subscribe paradigm he helped establish TIBCO as the leading middleware provider in the world. He has spent more than 20 years working on enterprise software for corporations worldwide. Prior to joining WSO2, John started other companies, created numerous patents and has been a visionary for enterprise software. Besides TIBCO, he started Slam Dunk Networks now known as Cloud Prime, Mathon Systems in the DLP space and has helped CA Technologies move to the cloud and and SaaS and Bridgewater Assoc rebuild their Research Architecture.

John believes software simplicity helps create agility for the enterprise. Integration is a key element of every corporation’s plans because no company can replace everything they’ve done before, with whatever is the latest and best technology. Making products easy to use, understand, and simple to integrate with, according to John, enables enterprises to adapt to the constantly changing technological landscape.


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