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[WSO2Con USA 2018] Identity APIs is the New Black

  • By WSO2 Team
  • 23 Jul, 2018

Identity APIs is the New Black

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Identity APIs is the New Black

Dulanja Liyanage Senior Technical Lead, WSO2
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Nowadays, digital identities encompass not only humans and other living beings but also of the exponentially growing number of devices. In addition to that, with the emergence of Customer IAM, including social login, it is imperative that identity-related data are readily available to facilitate a seamless experience across multiple devices and thousands of interactions. Unavailability of those data could result in businesses easily losing their valuable customers to the competition. Even with traditional IAM, frequent mergers and acquisitions demand collaboration between heterogeneous identity systems, and the success of the businesses relies on that heavily.

The recipe behind a successful ecosystem, that fulfills the demands of the modern consumers and enterprises, involves the utilization of Identity APIs that are based on recognized standards. In this talk, Dulanja will discuss how Identity APIs have evolved over the time to cater the consumer and enterprise requirements, and real-world scenarios where tough identity challenges have been successfully tackled by using them.


Dulanja Liyanage Senior Technical Lead, WSO2

Dulanja currently leads the WSO2 Platform Security team. He is a former member of the WSO2 Identity Server team. Before joining WSO2 he has worked on applications related to border control, telecommunication, and project portfolio management domains. Apart from contributing to research and development and technical support efforts at WSO2, Dulanja has been involved in many customer engagements by providing solutions to their business requirements, especially in the identity and API management space.