7 Nov, 2019

[WSO2 Integration Summit San Francisco 2019] Protecting API Infrastructures — An AI-powered Solution for APIs from PingIntelligence & WSO2 API Manager

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What do Google, Facebook, Paypal, IRS, T-mobile, and USPS have in common? Answer -- hackers used their APIs to access sensitive customer information. Although these API attacks were exposed, most API-based attacks go undetected these days. This session will discuss today’s evolving API threat landscape and explore what you can do to both detect and block cyberattacks from authenticated users and hackers who have reverse engineered your API with an integrated solution from WSO2 and PingIntelligence.




Baber Amin CTO West,Ping Identity

At Ping Identity, Mr. Amin is currently CTO for West, helping customers with their IAM strategy, zero trust architecture, and modeling for a privacy first approach. At Ping he is guiding Ping Identity product roadmap for Zero Trust, AI/ML strategy, championing privacy by design principals, and evaluating M&A fit. Previously, he was responsible for Ping’s solution offering around OpenBanking, GDPR, Privacy, and Consent, across Ping’s product portfolio; solution go-to market and pricing strategy, and for Ping solutions in Employee, and Consumer centric Identity and Access Management.
Prior to Ping, Mr. Amin served as Senior Director of product management for IDaaS solutions at Oracle Corp. and CA Technologies. Before that, Mr. Amin served as Director of Cloud Security with Novell Identity and Security. He was responsible for crafting Oracle’s IDaaS strategy and setting direction for the future of Identity Services. At CA Technologies, Mr. Amin’s primary responsibility was for CA Advanced Risk Based and Multifactor Authentication offering and CA IAM product and service strategy in the cloud, including it's next generation cloud security service offerings. During his time at Novell, he helped position Novell as a thought leader in Identity based services, cloud and enterprise security. His primary role was to lead the overall strategy for Novell Cloud Security and oversee ongoing product direction in the area.
Mr. Amin is also an author on several patents in software security, web caching and content distribution, and speaker at various events.


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