2018 IAM Checklist: Best Practices, Trends and the Future

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  • 7 Mar, 2018
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2018 IAM Checklist: Best Practices, Trends and the Future

Wednesday, March 07, 2018
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The shifting of enterprise applications to the cloud, the proliferation of devices and the diversity of users, have forever changed the landscape of identity and access management (IAM). We have witnessed organizations of all sizes and verticals increasingly realizing the importance of and heavily investing in fine-tuning their IAM strategy to solve workforce to SaaS, on-premise workforce, customer and B2B IAM use cases. Now, we need to look at what the immediate and long-term future holds in store for IAM.

In this session we’ll explore what organizations should look out for in 2018 and how WSO2 can help you in your IAM journey. Some topics we will discuss include:

  • Beyond second generation authentication systems
  • Identity analytics — a game changer
  • Data privacy and consent rules
  • Is Identity of Things challenging?
  • Is Blockchain Identity the future?


Johann Nallathamby Senior Lead Solutions Engineer, WSO2

Johann is a solutions architect specialized in identity and access management at WSO2. Previously he was the lead architect of WSO2 Identity Server. In addition to his years of product development experience, he has provided architectural consultancy on identity and access management, integration and API management for numerous WSO2 customers around the globe. He is a regular speaker at WSO2 conferences and meetups.


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