API Manager


The open source WSO2 API Manager is a complete enterprise-class API management solution that combines easy, managed API access with full API governance and analysis.

Integration-first Development

  • Easily expose integration services as managed APIs in the API marketplace.
  • Discover all available services and create a managed API with a single click.
  • In-built sample service for a hassle-free first experience with API-led integration.
  • Keep APIs up-to-date with updating services

API Revisions

  • Revise API changes by changing between revisions.
  • Provides support for seamless restoration to a previous state of an API.
  • Supports deploying revisions to a selected set of gateways in a multi-gateway environment.
  • Preserves one-click deployment capability.

Supporting Third-party Key Managers

  • Out-of-the-box support for many third-party key manager connectors, including PingFederate, Auth0, and ForgeRock.
  • Supports multiple key managers for a given API ecosystem.

Supporting Streaming APIs

  • Efficient management of event streaming endpoints in event-driven systems
  • Expose event streams and topics as managed APIs via web-friendly protocols such as WebSockets, SSE, and WebSub.
  • Expose WebHooks as managed APIs that comply with the WebSub standard.
  • Support for AsychAPI 2.0.0 specification. Import and export APIs as AsychAPI documents.
  • Authentication for API access and fine-grained access control on different topics.
  • Rate-limiting policies for asynchronous communication and event streaming.

Virtual Hosting for APIs

  • Newly developed Choreo Connect allows to run a single instance and expose APIs with a custom hostname.

Freemaker Templates for Payload Factory

  • Freemaker templating library integration with payload factory mediator allows implementing complex data transformation logic with ease.

Micro Integrator Dashboard

  • A newly developed Micro Integrator dashboard provides a comprehensive management view for your deployment.
  • With cluster monitoring support built in, a single dashboard node will enable a cluster-wide management view.

Integration Studio Improvements

  • Integration Studio has been upgraded to the latest Eclipse platform. New additions include swagger/wsdl integration,new dss mediator as well as improvements to artifact export projects such as Docker and Kubernetes.

CSV and File Connectors

  • Enables data transformation between CVS, XML and JSON effortlessly.
  • Supports a range of enhanced file operations within the mediation language.