June 26, 2018
3 min read

How to Download API Cloud Logs

Logs are an important part of troubleshooting and WSO2 API Cloud has long had a live log viewer giving you access to what is going on in your cloud API gateway. Today we are happy to announce that we have also added the ability to download historical logs (older than 30 minutes). To access your historical logs: 1. In API Cloud, click the Configure / Admin Dashboard menu. 2. In Admin Dashboard, navigate to Log AnalyzerDownload Logs and pick the date for which you need the log files:

3. In a few minutes, API Cloud will give you a link to a zip archive with your logs. Go ahead and download the zip right away - the link automatically expires in about 5 minutes.

This new feature is available at no additional cost and with no extra configuration to all customers at subscription levels Medium and higher.