July 02, 2019
3 min read

Explore What’s New in WSO2 API Cloud

We have made great progress with WSO2 API Cloud and we are excited to introduce the latest features and enhancements to WSO2 API Cloud. WSO2 API Cloud can now help you solve many more of your business requirements with the following new features and enhancements that we have rolled out:
  • Hybrid API Management via Microgateways: You can now go for hybrid API management with WSO2 API Cloud using the Microgateway that we’ve introduced. You can basically run the Microgateway anywhere, including in Kubernetes or Docker environments. For detailed information, see our documentation on Hybrid API Management.
  • Labels to group APIs and support to deploy grouped APIs via Microgateways: If you have a business requirement where you want to group a set of APIs together, now you can create a label and attach it to all the APIs that you want to group together. Once you group APIs together, you can deploy the grouped APIs via a Microgateway. For more details, see Deploying Grouped APIs Using a Microgateway.
  • Enhancements to API analytics: We have made significant changes to the internal analytics architecture to improve the overall real-time analytics capabilities. To learn about the real-time API analytics capabilities that we provide, take a look at our documentation on WSO2 API Cloud Analytics. Since our former approach of triggering alerts based on percentile values was complex to understand, we now provide support for you to trigger some of the alert types by configuring required threshold values per API. You can configure threshold values for the Abnormal Response Time and Abnormal Backend Time alert types via the Publisher, whereas the Abnormal Request Count alert type can be configured via the Store. For detailed information on how you can configure alert types, see Configuring Alerts.
Do try out WSO2 API Cloud to understand how our enterprise-ready solution for creating, publishing, and managing all aspects of an API and its lifecycle can help you quickly share business capabilities with customers and partners across the globe.