November 15, 2016
3 min read

New API Cloud Reports

We have significantly expanded off-the-shelf reports available in API Cloud:

Statistics tab in the Publisher interface now has 16 reports including both new and revamped old ones:

  • Reports now have a nice date picker and give the ability to compare behavior between API versions: for example, you can see whether API performance improved or degraded with the rollout of the new version,
  • API Latency report shows where exactly your API processing time is spent: authentication, call transformation, backend response, or throttling,
  • API Usage Across Geolocations helps identify your global API consumption trends so you can fine-tune your global sales and marketing, or geographic locations of your API gateways,
  • API Usage Across User Agents shows which platforms are being used to invoke the APIs so you can ensure that your documentation, sales, and marketing are in line with your subscribers' needs,
  • Created APIs over Time helps you see how your project is evolving,
  • Developer Signups and Subscriptions Created over Time reports help see the dynamics of new subscriber acquisition.

Watch the video above for details and try the new reports in API Cloud today!