August 22, 2017
3 min read

Uptime Dashboard Now Includes Regional Gateways, Integration, Identity, and Device Clouds

We have extended our public uptime dashboard to go beyond just API Cloud and its default gateway. From now, on API Cloud's indicators include:
  • Web interfaces (Publisher, Admin Dashboard, Developer Portal),
  • Key Manager,
  • Developer Portal (aka API Store),
  • Regional Gateways.
Even more importantly, we now have public dashboard indicators for the other WSO2 Cloud services:
  • WSO2 Integration Cloud,
  • WSO2 Identity Cloud,
  • WSO2 Device Cloud.
For all of these, you can see whether the service is up or down at the moment, how well it performed lately, and can even drill down into uptime and performance over the last few months and get a list of all disruptions we had during the selected period: In addition to the uptime dashboard, all paying customers get an incident notification and post-mortem emails as well as maintenance announcements. WSO2 Cloud comes with financially backed uptime SLA and our public availability dashboards and incident notification processes help ensure transparency of our quality of service and processes.