January 05, 2016
3 min read

[Video] Configuring Self-Signup for API Store

What is your strategy for bringing subscribers to your API Store? While internal and select-partner API programs likely only want to invite developers manually, there are many public API programs in which publishers would like developers to be able to find the developer portal and sign-up themselves. There is also a variation of the latter case, in which you want anyone to be able to submit a request to join the community, however, the administrator needs to approve the request before the developer can join. WSO2 API Cloud supports all three scenarios:
  1. No one can sign up, members are invited by admin - this is the default mode,
  2. New members can sign up, but need to be approved by admin,
  3. New members can sign up and get immediate access.
To enable scenarios 2 and 3, click the Configure / API Store Access menu in API Cloud, and follow the instructions. Below is a quick video demonstrating the whole process: [embed][/embed] If you prefer to read step-by-step instructions instead, you can find them in our documentation: Enable Self-Signup to the API Store. Try it in WSO2 API Cloud today!