3 Sep, 2019 | 3 min read

KuppingerCole Names WSO2 a Leader in Identity API Platforms

  • Ishara Naotunna
  • Product Marketing Manager - IAM - WSO2

Photo credits: Gnist Design from Pexels

Identity APIs have been all the rage for a while now (we said so in 2018). The number of apps developers need to create keep increasing, which results in an increased number of exposed APIs. These APIs store identity data that carry customer attributes, privacy preferences, and mores to other devices and identities.

Ensuring these are well protected and ensure that they enable customer identity and access management (CIAM) and digital transformation is the number one priority in almost every enterprise. And it’s a key role played by identity and access management.

In KuppingerCole Analysts’ latest Leadership Compass, WSO2 is named an overall leader, demonstrating strengths in all categories: product, market, and innovation. This report notes that we’re offering good identity and user management APIs, authorization APIs, DevOps API support, support for XACML standards, SCIM 2.0, consent management, and lots more. Favorable ratings are included for interoperability, security, functionality, integration, usability, and ecosystem.

Furthermore, the report also mentions that: “WSO2 Identity Server APIs shows strength in interoperability with a large number of other IAM, CIAM, and IDaaS platforms in these markets as well integrations with CRM and other SaaS systems. Overall, WS02 has consistently made improvements in its Identity Server and has moved it in a positive direction.”

Plus, we’re the only open source IAM vendor that made it to the leader category. Download your free copy of the report here.