16 Sep, 2020

Healthy APIs

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This talk will provide an overview of the value of APIs in the health and wellness industry, exploring how the growth in health and wellness related apps (specifically wearables) is driving innovation in this industry and how APIs are further enabling market growth - within the Vitality program and in the industry overall. Access to data, interoperability, and security are key requirements and the discussion will look at how these factors are enabling and impacting the adoption of APIs in the wellness industry.




Neil Adamson
Neil Adamson CIO, Vitality Group
Vitality Group

Neil Adamson has more than 25 years of IT experience – and has worked as a Programmer, Software Engineer, Architect, and Systems Manager in the financial services industry and at IBM in South Africa. Responsible for numerous large-scale projects and implementations, he was previously the Enterprise Architect for Vitality Group and is currently its Chief Information Officer.


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