10 Sep, 2019

[WSO2 Integration Summit Johannesburg 2019] Building a Successful API Management Strategy

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Successful digital strategy requires the ability to change and adopt to establish your digital presence. APIs create the connectivity required to share enterprise data and digital capabilities across many channels over the Internet. So how do you go about creating and managing an API program while navigating the inherent challenges of exposing your internal capabilities outside the enterprise and sustaining it? This session looks at how to craft a successful API strategy.




Bhathiya Jayasekara Technical Lead, WSO2

Bhathiya is a Technical Lead and a key member of the WSO2 API Manager team. He has been part of the WSO2 Team for more than 6 years. Bhathiya mostly works with API Manager R&D team, and from time to time he works with the API Manager support team as well. He has worked with a number of customers on providing solutions and technical consulting specializing in the API management space.


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