15 Dec, 2019

[WSO2 Integration Summit New York 2019] “Opening” Fintech and Wall Street: Myths, Opportunities and a Call for the Community

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Financial institutions and fintech vendors are amongst the larger producers of software and employers of highly talented developers worldwide. Yet while Wall Street has been consistently increasingly consumption open source, this interactive-by-nature ecosystem has been largely missing out on the opportunities of open collaboration, participation and contribution open source projects.

But in the context of a massive generational and technological evolution, with cloud and decentralized technologies taking over the industry, the opportunity for an open fintech is huge for financial institution decision makers, for developers and generally for each one of us, downstream users of the financial services complex.

In this session, Gab, Executive Director of the Fintech Open Source Foundation, will discuss the state of open source in financial services, discussing trends, opportunities, concrete examples of collaboration and extending a call for contribution to the extended OSS community.




Gabriele Columbro Executive Director, FINOS

Gabriele is an open source leader and technologist at heart, having spent more than 10 years building thriving communities and delivering business value through open source. He thrives in working with open source communities to drive disruptive innovation, whether it’s for an early stage tech startup, a Fortune 500 firm, or a non profit organization.
Gabriele brings a wealth of expertise in executive and technical leadership, ranging from FinTech to enterprise collaboration, and from developer platforms to SaaS ARR business models. Previously Director of Product Management at Alfresco, Gabriele has now built the Symphony Software Foundation from the ground up, with the vision of creating a trusted arena for Wall Street to accelerate digital transformation, engaging in a new model of open source FinTech innovation. Gabriele is a PMC Member for the Apache Software Foundation and an advisor for Bankex.com. Based in San Francisco but originally from Italy, he’s a proud SSC Napoli supporter, a reggae music connoisseur and a South Park groupie.


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