7 Nov, 2019

[WSO2 Integration Summit San Francisco 2019] Enabling for API Success at Cerner

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One does not have to spend much time searching to find the terms “API economy”, “API first”, and other similar phrases. In the spirit of those phrases one would think all you need to do is throw those topics into a conversation and you have a golden ticket for success. Unfortunately, we are all aware that the real world doesn’t operate in that binary fashion. In this discussion, Damon will explain how his team focused on three key tenants to build a successful API program at Cerner. There were some obstacles on the journey and some lessons learned will be shared in an effort to prevent others from repeating the same patterns.




Damon Renzulli Director - Shared Application Services, Cerner

Damon Renzulli is responsible for many of Cerner’s corporate platforms including Data & Analytics, Identity Access & Governance, Integration & Automation, and System Management. You can find Damon focusing on executing the modernization of Cerner’s portfolio, promoting DevOps concepts, continuously improving on culture, attempting to keep up with the everchanging cloud enablement landscape, and building more presentations than he ever thought was possible.


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