CROC Ensures Centralized Document Management at Sibur Group

CROC has developed and implemented a centralized Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system for automated document management and storage at Sibur Holding, Russia's largest gas processing and petrochemical company.

October 8, 2015, Moscow - The centralized ECM system has enabled Sibur Holding to optimize its record keeping, accelerate document management, and improve control over the performance of tasks and contractual obligations.

The project involved the examination of document management business processes on several of the customer's sites, including its headquarters. The identified business processes were unified and aligned with Sibur's best practices and then replicated in other Group companies. Instead of the isolated document management tools previously employed by all of its key enterprises, the Group now benefits from the centralized ECM system being integrated with the main corporate information systems, including 'Client-Bank', Master Data Management (MDM), Human Resources Management (HRMS), Identity and Access Management (IAM), and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, fax and email servers, and more.

This centralized ECM system allows for the management of organizational/regulatory documents and contracts, and the storage of primary financial, legal, and investment documentation of the entire Group. Currently, the ECM system covers the Group’s headquarters and 14 regional companies, with 3,500 employees already using the system and more than 40,000 documents being registered per month. At this time, the solution is being replicated in all other Group companies.

"With respect to our enterprises already covered by the system, the project helped us achieve a near 10% reduction in labor costs associated with document management and accelerate staff and management access to any type of document, thus speeding up the retrieval of requested documents by 20%. In addition, the unified system also allowed geographically distributed companies to benefit from centralized document management, thus ensuring better management of rank-and-file employees," said Marina Medvedeva, Director for Corporate Services and Governance, Sibur Holding.

The ECM system is based on CROC's proprietary Enterprise Electronic Document Management System (CROC EEDMS) built on EMC Documentum and includes a Business Rules Management System (BRMS), which is designed to reduce financial risks, accelerate agreement approval, and delegate powers depending on restrictions on the amount of transactions.

"This ECM system can be truly considered an industry document management standard, since Sibur is a leading company accounting for a major share of petrochemical sales in Russia. While a few such large-scale projects have been implemented in Russia, CROC took part in most of them, including electronic document management system implementations for the Perm Territory Administration, State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom, Federal Road Agency (Rosavtodor) and others. This is undoubtedly a reason for us to be proud and a great opportunity to develop our competences," noted Sergey Plaunov, Head of BPM and ECM Practice, CROC.

CROC used the WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) open source platform to integrate the ECM system with Sibur's applications, with up to a thousand various financial documents and agreements being approved on a daily basis following the integration. The size of the automatically synchronized directories of the integrated systems varies from tens to tens of thousands of entries.

"In order to ensure smooth EDMS scaling, we had to integrate the system with key applications of all of the Holding's companies and develop adapters for various data formats. For example, at one time during the project, the customer operated several ERP systems at once: one to close the previous reporting year, and another to open a new reporting year. Our ECM solution needed to work with both of these systems in parallel, and we managed to complete this challenge," said Alexey Smirnov, Head of Integration Solutions Practice, CROC.

"We are thrilled by the success of our valued solutions partner, CROC, in using WSO2 ESB to implement an integration platform that is enabling Sibur's ECM system to work with other applications across the organization. Through interactions supported by WSO2 ESB, the company is achieving optimal and efficient business processes. It demonstrates the strength of our lean, adaptive architecture with WSO2 ESB, which processes more than 2.2 trillion transactions per year, in delivering the ease of integration, flexibility, and high performance that enterprises need," – said Nirosh Perera, Senior Director of Partnerships, WSO2.

"Properly arranged electronic document management maximizes the efficiency and transparency of business processes across geographically distributed organizations. To this end, many public and commercial organizations in Russia have been using EMC Documentum for many years and we are most pleased that more and more of them are choosing an EMC-based Russian solution developed by CROC, EMC's long-standing partner. The solution was certified under an EMC partner program five years ago and is now being implemented more and more frequently in Russia," – said Vyacheslav Kadnikov, Regional Director, EMC Enterprise Content Division for Russia and the CIS.

About Sibur

Sibur is a uniquely positioned gas processing and petrochemical company. Sibur owns and operates Russia's largest gas processing business in terms of associated petroleum gas processing volume and is a leader in the Russian petrochemical industry.

The Group operates 26 production sites in various Russian regions, employs over 25,000 people, and has over 1,400 large customers operating in the energy, automotive, construction, fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), chemical, and other industries in 75 countries.

About CROC

CROC has been operating in the Russian IT market since 1992 and has been ranked by IDC as being one of Russia’s IT leaders in the systems integration, network integration, and IT services sectors since 2002. CROC is the number one player when it comes to hosting infrastructure services (IDC, 2014) and is a leader in the BI and ERP segments (TAdviser, 2014). In addition, CROC is the largest provider of integrated data center, building and facility infrastructures (CNews, 2014) and regularly ranks among the top three Russian IT service providers to banks (RIA Rating, 2014), energy companies (TAdviser, 2014), and retailers (CNews, 2014).

Furthermore, CROC has also developed its own cloud, operates its own data centers, including Tier III-compliant sites with fault-tolerances of 99.982%, and is an annual co-organizer of the unique industry-specific IT Leader Prize, which has been held since 2002.

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