New WSO2 White Paper Examines Best Practices for SOA Solutions Testing

White paper based on real-world experiences discusses different solution testing methods, test planning and design, testing tools, and testing throughout continuous integration

Palo Alto, CA – December 16, 2013 – Two months after the failed launch of the United States website, it has taken some 400 fixes to make the site usable—fixes that should have occurred before it was broadly deployed. The scenario is a pointed reminder of the need for comprehensive solutions testing, also known as beta testing. Equally, it highlights the complexity of testing loosely coupled systems in a service-oriented architecture (SOA). To help enterprises address this challenge, WSO2 has published a new white paper that discusses best practices for testing SOA solutions and middleware.

Real-World Best Practices for SOA Testing

“SOA Solutions & Middleware Testing: White Paper” was written by WSO2 engineers who have supported enterprise customers in successfully implementing SOA projects. Building on their real-world experiences, the paper reviews the different solution testing methods used to ensure that solutions perform as expected in live environments; these include end-to-end, volume, performance, endurance and security testing.

The paper then examines test planning and design, focusing on four aspects: types of data transferred, usage of the system, consumer applications and integration points, and message exchange patterns. Next it discusses the roles of several testing tools, including ApacheBench, JProfiler, JMeter, and SoapUI.

Finally, the paper looks at continuous integration, a software development practice that allows the frequent integration of code into a shared repository, enabling development teams to work more collaboratively and build software rapidly. Continuous integration helps IT teams to ensure proper code management, build management and test automation in order to reduce integration problems.

The new white paper can be downloaded at:

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