WSO2, Global Software Company Centered on Sri Lankan Talent and Expertise, Turns 15 Today

Sri Lankan produced software now recognized globally; in its 15th year, WSO2 employs over 650 people in 6 countries and has customers in 70 countries

Colombo, Sri Lanka - August 4, 2020 - WSO2, a software company that began in Sri Lanka in 2005, marks 15 years of business operations today. Starting with just 10 employees, WSO2 now has over 650 employees spread across offices in Sri Lanka, USA, UK, Germany, Brazil, and Australia. Headquartered in Sri Lanka, nearly 90% of WSO2’s employees are based here.

WSO2 sells technology that enterprises use to digitally transform themselves. WSO2 has products for integration, API management, and digital identity management. These products are fully open source and also available as cloud services. WSO2 offers accelerators for open banking and open healthcare too. Today, this homegrown software powers organizations all over the world and has gained recognition from prestigious industry analysts such as Gartner and Forrester, with the products being rated as leaders in their respective segments.

The company’s founders, Dr. Sanjiva Weerawarana and Dr. Paul Fremantle, established WSO2 to set the company apart from others in the market - emphasizing values such as transparency and community contribution - and change perceptions about Sri Lanka in the global software market. In contemporary times, Sri Lanka’s IT industry has grown significantly. 2005 was a very different scenario; Sri Lanka was primarily seen as a labor outsource market and not a country of software producers or creators. It was in a background such as this that WSO2 set up operations and began its global journey - a journey that has made direct contributions to the social, educational, and economic fabric of Sri Lanka in the process. WSO2 was one of the earliest companies in the country to provide a platform for Sri Lankan computer science graduates to build software that is truly conceptualized and developed in Sri Lanka. Education and mentorship play a big role at WSO2. WSO2 has been a channel for many engineers to further their graduate education with around 100 past employees studying for doctorates in computer science and more than 50 having already completed them. From its inception, WSO2 has fostered a culture of mentorship and the company has an internship program with local universities, giving students first-hand opportunities to develop world class software and interact with customers.

Presently, WSO2 has more than 500 customers in 70 countries encompassing a range of industries including banking and finance, healthcare, transportation, logistics, hospitality, e-commerce and retail, government and non-government sectors, and insurance. Key global customers include Wells Fargo, AT&T, Verizon, CBRE, Cisco, eBay, Expedia, Hilton, Motorola, Jaguar Land Rover, Qantas Airlines, Standard Chartered Bank, Nissan, Honda, and many others. Local customers include Dialog, Sampath Bank, Nations Trust Bank, Hatton National Bank, Cargills Bank, and MAS Holdings. Over 6 trillion transactions are executed annually using WSO2 technologies. In addition, WSO2 works with over 100 software implementation partners all over the world, strengthening the company’s global presence further. WSO2 organizes industry events around the world, the most notable being WSO2Con and WSO2 Summits.

WSO2 Founder and CEO, Dr. Sanjiva Weerawarana said the following as the company celebrates this milestone: “Sri Lanka’s human capital and the capacity to innovate have always been the cornerstones of our vision for WSO2. It is the intellectual wealth of the people of this nation that has enabled us to become a significant player in the global software industry. I wish to express my gratitude to the many employees who have been a part of WSO2’s incredible success story and others in the country who believed in our mission and supported us. Recent developments in the world have set in motion defining changes to the way that digital economies will develop in the future. At a moment such as this, Sri Lanka’s homegrown software industry is well placed to build on our foundations and become a nation of software creators and innovators.”

About WSO2

Founded in 2005, WSO2 enables the composable enterprise. Our open source, API-first, and decentralized approach helps developers and architects to be more productive and rapidly build digital products to meet demand. Customers choose us for our broad, integrated platform, approach to open source, and digital transformation methodology. The company’s hybrid platform for developing, reusing, running, and managing integrations prevents lock-in through open source software that runs on-premises or in the cloud. With offices in Australia, Brazil, Germany, Sri Lanka, the UK, and the US, WSO2 employs over 650 engineers, consultants, and professionals worldwide. Today, hundreds of leading brands and thousands of global projects execute over 6 trillion transactions annually using WSO2 integration technologies. Visit to learn more. Follow WSO2 on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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