WSO2 Introduces Choreo, a Next-Generation Integration Platform as a Service for Cloud Native Engineering

WSO2 Introduces Choreo, a Next-Generation Integration Platform as a Service for Cloud Native Engineering

Using the Choreo iPaaS, now in public beta, developers can engineer in low-code and code simultaneously; build, test and deploy in Kubernetes; manage APIs; share them in a marketplace; and observe performance—all within hours not weeks

Santa Clara, CA – June 16, 2021 – Enterprises worldwide are accelerating their digital transformation initiatives, with many starting years earlier than originally planned. But, too often, these initiatives are hampered by the lack of deep technical expertise required to get projects off the ground and deliver digital products and solutions. WSO2 addresses this challenge with today’s introduction of Choreo, the new integration platform as a service (iPaaS) for cloud native engineering.

Now in public beta, Choreo gives organizations a single, all-inclusive platform for creating integrations, services and APIs; managing APIs; and deploying services and APIs—going from ideas to production in hours. Using the new iPaaS, enterprises can:

  • Facilitate collaboration between business users and IT using the only iPaaS that leverages the open-source Ballerina programming language to let developers engineer in low-code and code simultaneously.
  • Focus immediately on creating production-ready business applications, since Choreo provides a full, ready-to-use platform for building, testing and deploying in Kubernetes.
  • Observe performance, identify anomalies, and troubleshoot issues using Choreo’s deep observability functionality.
  • Improve the quality of code with artificial intelligence (AI) assisted development.
  • Produce lock-in free low-code, since the low-code diagram creates source code that enterprises can take and run wherever they want.

Hundreds of the world’s largest corporations, top universities, and governments rely on WSO2’s solutions to harness the full power of their APIs to securely deliver their digital services and applications—executing more than 18 trillion transactions annually. With Choreo, WSO2 continues to build on its industry-leading, open-source, cloud native software for API management, integration, and customer identity and access management (CIAM) to power the next stage of the digital transformation evolution.

“Enterprises are increasingly leveraging cloud-native platforms to speed their time to market, scale out rapidly, and increase agility. Yet it’s still too hard. It can take months or years to bring digital products into production as developers struggle with integration and the complexity of adopting cloud native engineering practices and deploying on Kubernetes-based platforms. We’re removing those roadblocks with Choreo, our next-generation iPaaS for cloud native engineering,” said Eric Newcomer, WSO2 CTO. “Now developers at all skill levels can collaborate in producing enterprise-class code and APIs whether they prefer programming in low-code, code or even no-code using templates. And because it’s an all-inclusive iPaaS, built on proven technology, enterprises can immediately focus on delivering business value.”

Choreo All-Inclusive Platform

Choreo provides the infrastructure and tools enterprises need for cloud native engineering, eliminating time needed to build a platform for services and APIs deployed on Kubernetes. As a result, organizations can immediately focus on building, testing and deploying APIs and services, and IT teams can take control of their DevOps flow, production multi-environmentdeployment, and production configurationwith a microservices-style programming model.

With Choreo, enterprise developers can:

  • Create integrations. Triggered periodically or by an event, developers can execute low-code integration logic to control hundreds of software as a service (SaaS) APIs via Choreo’s pre-built connectors and templates or using the organization’s own custom-built templates.
  • Create Microservices and APis. Developers can write services that compose and expose APIs and along with their integration and business logic using low-code or code.
  • Manage APIs. Developers can publish their services as managed APIs and control them using the market-leading API management capabilities from WSO2.
  • Share via an API Marketplace. Choreo also comes with a marketplace for an organization’s APIs, event streams, and data sources. Developers can share integrations and microservices for re-use by no-code enterprise users via templates.
  • Run professional DevOps. IT teams can build, deploy, and run on Kubernetes (without setting up any YAML files for deployment); manage multiple environments; and observe them—all in a few clicks.

Collaboration and Control via Limitless Low-Code

The Choreo iPaaS is the first commercial application of Ballerina, the only programming language that provides a limitless low code experience using a bidirectional mapping for all source code between its textual syntax and its graphical representation as a sequence diagram. The result is easier collaboration among developers with varying skills, as well as source code that is independent of Choreo, which empowers enterprises to maintain full control over their code.

The collaborative platform for developers of all skill levels provided by Choreo significantly enhances productivity. Highly skilled developers have the flexibility to move between coding with text or diagrams while others have a low-code option for contributing to the organization’s app development—while maintaining full fidelity to the code.

Lock-in free low-code is enabled by Choreo sinceall low-code is just open-source Ballerina source code. Unlike other low-code offerings that are only executable in a vendor's platform, Choreo lets organizations clone the repository, build it using freely available open-source Ballerina tools, and run the code wherever they want.

AI-assisted Development and Observability

Choreo leverages AI to assist in development as well as to enable the deep observability capabilities provided by the platform.

With AI-assisted development, Choreo learns from historical activities and performance behaviors in order to anticipate most of a developer’s needs. As developers code, it pushes the boundaries of AI to provide performance feedback, code completion, anomaly detection, and data mapping.

The deep observability capabilities in Choreo enable enterprises to view observability data at both design-time and run-time in order to troubleshoot issues. Additionally, AI-based anomaly alerts call attention to developers when required and help isolate the problem.


Choreo by WSO2 is available today as a public beta at

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