WSO2 Named an Overall Leader in KuppingerCole Identity API Platforms Leadership Compass

Ranking is based on an evaluation of 13 software vendors identified as the most significant identity API platform providers

Mountain View, CA – September 3, 2019 – WSO2, the world’s leading open source integration vendor, today announced that it has been named by KuppingerCole as an overall leader in the KuppingerCole Identity API Platforms Leadership Compass 2019 report published on August 30, 2019. The report’s findings were based on an evaluation of the 13 software vendors that KuppingerCole has identified as the most significant Identity API Platform providers. Companies identified as overall leaders were recognized for demonstrating leadership in three areas: product, innovation, and market. The report can be downloaded here.

KuppingerCole Report Highlights the Need for Identity API Platforms

In the past, traditional identity and access management (IAM) solutions have largely been monolithic and centralized. With the move to hybrid environments that span across on-premises and the cloud, platforms that provide identity APIs are now emerging.

The KuppingerCole Identity API Platforms Leadership Compass 2019 report observes that, “By exposing key functionality via APIs, it allows for workflow and orchestration capabilities across environments as well as better DevOps support through automation. Another critical characteristic of Identity API Platforms is their focus on being developer-centric. In a nutshell, IAM is continuing to evolve to meet the growing list of IAM requirements.”

Evaluating WSO2 Identity Server

In its evaluation of WSO2 Identity Server, the KuppingerCole Identity API Platforms Leadership Compass 2019 recognized WSO2 as a leader in each of the three specific areas, leading to its recognition as an overall leader:

  • Product Leadership is based on the overall capabilities of the various products/services and an analysis of their features.
  • Innovation Leadership is based on what customers require to keep up with the constant evolution and emerging customer requirements they are facing.
  • Market Leadership is based on a review of global reach, as well as consistent sales and service support with the successful execution of a marketing strategy.

The KuppingerCole report rates several features of WSO2 Identity Server as strong positives, including security, functionality, interoperability, and usability. The report also cites WSO2 Identity Server for its open source nature and its strength in providing APIs that focus on IAM, customer IAM, and identity-as-a-service (IDaaS) use cases with a primary focus on identity federation and single sign-on (SSO). Additionally, the report notes the product’s support for on-premises, cloud, and hybrid delivery models.

“The success of a digital business is linked to how well it maintains a trusted ecosystem for consumers and business partners. Increasingly, this trust is enabled by identity APIs, which ensure that only the right people have access to the right systems, apps, and data,” said WSO2 President COO Shevan Goonetilleke. “We are honored to be recognized as the only fully open source leader in the KuppingerCole Identity API Platforms Leadership Compass 2019 report, which provides valuable insights into the integral role of APIs in identity solutions. We thank our customers, contributors, and partners for their participation in our platform code and for increasing the velocity of innovation that made this moment possible.”

The report on identity API platforms is the most recent recognition by KuppingerCole. The research firm also named WSO2 a product leader in the KuppingerCole Access Management and Federation Leadership Compass 2019 report and an innovation leader in the KuppingerCole CIAM Platforms Leadership Compass 2018 report.

WSO2 Identity Server Delivers on Today’s IAM Demands

From people to devices, digital identities are growing exponentially. On one hand, the emergence of customer IAM (CIAM) makes it imperative for identity-related data to be readily available and facilitate a seamless experience across multiple devices, social logins, and thousands of interactions. Meanwhile, many businesses that rely on traditional IAM now demand collaboration between heterogeneous identity systems due to mergers and acquisitions. Failing to meet these CIAM and traditional IAM requirements could result in businesses easily losing valuable customers, partners, or the agility to remain competitive.;

WSO2 Identity Server is built to support a successful ecosystem that fulfills the demands of modern consumers and enterprises by utilizing identity APIs that are based on recognized standards—providing a highly extensible, open source IAM solution for managing customer, partner, and employee identities. The software is optimized for identity federation and SSO with comprehensive support for strong, adaptive authentication and API security. WSO2 Identity Server helps to secure access to web and mobile applications and endpoints, and bridge identity protocols across on-premises and cloud environments. Today, corporate and government customers are scaling their WSO2 Identity Server implementations to handle millions of user identities, and collectively the solution now manages over 100 million identities worldwide.

About WSO2

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