Imaad Rizni

Associate Lead Solutions Engineer

Imaad is a Associate Lead Solutions Engineer working on and based in our office in Colombo.

Before he joined WSO2, Imaad worked as a full stack Software Engineer at Omak Technologies. He was responsible for the latest iteration of the company’s restaurant management application and handled development to deployment. Prior to that, he worked in Bileeta Pvt Ltd where he kicked off the mobile division and was heavily involved in a project handled by WHO and USAID in Nepal for the development of an electronic logistic management information system.

Imaad has a bachelor's degree in Software Engineering from the Informatics Institute of Sri Lanka.

His involvement in aforementioned project with Bileeta Pvt Ltd helped grab an award at NBQSA 2017 under the category "Health and Wellbeing". Imaad has also published a paper which was presented at ISMS(KL) 2018 as a proof of concept for his undergraduate thesis.

Imaad's passions involve anything that moves on two wheels or four. Watching motor racing, driving, and riding are common pastimes.