Version 1.3, effective June 17, 2024

This document sets forth the policies governing the provision of Asgardeo Support Services in accordance with a Subscription.

  1. Definitions

    1. “Available” means that the Principal Services are available to respond to Subscriber API calls in a successful manner for a given full minute; “Availability” has the corresponding meaning.
    2. “Business day” means any day excluding weekends and public holidays, in the United States of America
    3. “Business hour” means any hour excluding weekends and public holidays, in the United States of America
    4. “Closure of the case” can be considered once the Asgardeo customer success team provides a final resolution for an open case. A Final Resolution can be a workaround, hot fix, ETA for a proper fix, a fix which is incorporated into a future release, or a proper answer to the reasonable satisfaction of the Subscriber.
    5. “Core Authentication Service” refers to the service that provides end user identity authentication with end user’s username & password. Username & password are verified with the internal user store of the Asgardeo platform.
    6. “Downtime” means any period of time in which the Principal Services are not available. This excludes the time that is defined in the “Service Credit Exclusion” section in this document.
    7. “Fix” is a permanent modification to the Asgardeo platform that overcomes an error in the platform.
    8. “Hot fix” is a temporary fix to the Asgardeo platform that overcomes an error in the platform.
    9. “Monthly charges” are the monthly prorated service charges pursuant to the pricing plan selected when subscribing to the service.
    10. “Monthly uptime percentage” is 100% minus the percentage of minutes during the calendar month in which the service was not Available.
    11. “Principal Services” means the Core Authentication Service of the Asgardeo platform.
    12. “Response Time” is the time elapsed between the reporting of an Incident by the Subscriber and the Asgardeo customer success team acknowledging the receipt of such report to Subscriber through the Asgardeo Support Portal.
    13. “Subscriber API call” means an API request by the Subscriber or Subscriber’s end users to a Principal Service in a Subscriber’s Tenant.
    14. “Target” is a goal Asgardeo shall endeavor to achieve.
    15. “Tenant” is a logical isolation unit of the Asgardeo platform.
    16. “Update Frequency” is the time elapsed between two consecutive updates for a given case that are provided by the Asgardeo customer success team.
    17. “Workaround” is a set of procedures that a Subscriber needs to follow to mitigate the impact of an error in the Asgardeo platform.
  2. Severity Definitions

    A Subscriber makes the initial determination of the priority level of cases, pursuant to the severity of impact. If a case is misclassified with respect to priority level or the type of case, the Asgardeo customer success team, in consultation with the Subscriber, will reclassify the case accordingly.

    P1 - Critical System Down
    A service failure that is resulting in a full system outage or major functionality is completely broken in the service.
    Service is down and not accessible by users.
    Service is available, but all users cannot login.
    Service is available, but new users cannot be onboarded.
    P2 - High Partial Service Failure
    A partial service failure resulting in some functionalities being completely broken, a significant performance degradation, or a major functionality is partially broken.
    All users cannot reset their user account.
    A majority of users cannot login.
    All users have experienced considerable slowness in login.
    P3 - Medium Non-Critical Failure
    Minor service impact resulting in functionalities that are not working properly due to non-critical issues, intermittent issues, or service is not performing as expected or documented.
    Users who have a username with special characters cannot reset their user account.
    Intermittent login failure of some users.
    Multiple callbacks URLs cannot be configured as per documentation.
    P4 - Low General Query
    Information requested on Platform capabilities, navigation, configuration, integration with 3rd party systems, enhancement requests, or any question related to pre-production environments.
    Does service support integration with multiple user stores?
    How to configure our own captcha implementation with service?
  3. Response SLA

    For each case, the Asgardeo Customer Success Team endeavors to respond and to achieve the closure of the case as quickly as possible and to provide frequent updates to the Subscriber regarding the progress of the case.

    The applicable Response SLA depends on the support subscription that you have subscribed for. There are two levels of support, Basic Support and Enterprise Support. Basic Support applies to the customers who have purchased a paid subscription and chosen the Basic Support Plan. Enterprise Support applies to the customers who have purchased a paid subscription and chosen the Enterprise Support Plan. Customers using the free and non paid version will have access to community support and not Basic Support or Enterprise support.

    Response SLA applies to the production Tenant of the Asgardeo platform only. All cases related to non-production tenants & environments are considered low priority (P4) cases.

    Basic Support Enterprise Support
    Severity Level Target Response
    Target Update
    Target Response
    Target Update
    P1 1 Business Hour 12 Business Hours 30 min 2 hours
    P2 4 Business Hours 1 Business Day 2 hours 12 hours
    P3 12 Business Hours 2 Business Days 8 hours 1 Business Day
    P4 2 Business Days 3 Business Days 1 Business Day 2 Business Days
    Hours of
    Americas: 12x5 (7.00 a.m. - 7.00 p.m. ET M-F)
    EMEA: 12x5 (7.00 a.m. - 7.00 p.m. GMT M-F)
    ME: 12x5 (7.00 a.m. - 7.00 p.m. GMT S-T)
    APAC: 12x5 (7.00 a.m. - 7.00 p.m. IST M-F)
  4. Uptime SLA

    1. The Asgardeo platform will maintain the monthly uptime percentage of at least 99.99%.
    2. Monthly uptime percentage is determined by the following formula:
    3. ( total minutes per month-monthly Downtime in minutes)

      total minutes per month

      x 100
  5. Service Credits

    1. If the monthly uptime percentage drops below 99.99%, for the Enterprise Support customers, Asgardeo shall apply a dollar credit (a “service credit”) against the monthly charges otherwise due in the following amount:
      1. From 99.9% to 99.98%: 5% of monthly charges
      2. From 99.0% to 99.8%: 10% of monthly charges
      3. From 95.0% to 98.9%: 30% of monthly charges
      4. < 95%: 50% of monthly charges
    2. Service credits are your sole remedy for unavailability of the services.
    3. Service credits apply only to production Tenants of the Asgardeo Platform, and do not apply to any non-production Tenants or environments.
    4. Asgardeo will list any accrued service credits in each monthly statement and shall apply any approved service credits to the next monthly billing cycle. You may dispute the credit entitlement within 15 days of receiving the monthly statement by submitting anonymized logs showing the time and date of additional outages. Asgardeo shall approve or reject the claim within 15 days of claim receipt.
  6. SLA Exclusions

    Asgardeo will not be be liable for any unavailability of the service resulting from:

    1. suspension of access to the service
    2. maintenance
    3. your, or a third party’s, hardware, software, or services not within Asgardeo’s control
    4. factors outside of or beyond WSO2’s reasonable control, such as hosting company outages e.g: unavailability of Microsoft Azure
    5. a force majeure event
    6. errors in your code or configuration deployed within the service at your request
    7. your use of the service after Asgardeo advises you to modify your use of that service in a manner that would not adversely affect your usage, if you did not modify your use as advised
    8. technical previews or betas, not in commercial operation, as reasonably determined by Asgardeo
    9. acts or omissions solely attributable to you or your agents, contractors, or vendors, or anyone gaining access to the services by means of your username and password, or equipment
  7. Contact

    Subscriber may open a support case by visiting the Asgardeo online support portal at New Subscribers are provided instructions on accessing the Asgardeo support portal and other available support methods. If there are issues in accessing the support portal, please contact [email protected].