October 14, 2015
3 min read

Prototype API in JavaScript in 2 Minutes

Successful companies try things fast, get feedback and iterate - and successful API programs are no exception. WSO2 API Cloud makes prototyping a new API and running it by your users to collect feedback extremely easy. All you need to do is:
  1. Define your API: list REST resources and parameters (either in our New API wizard or by importing or editing Swagger definition),
  2. Provide API definition
  3. On the second step of the wizard, pick the Prototype option and Inline to get JavaScript editor displayed with stub implementation in it,
  4. 2-inline-Javascript-prototype
  5. Modify the stub for each HTTP method you need to implement with your custom JavaScript code.
  6. 3-JavaScript-implementation-with-xml-output
  7. Deploy the prototype to your API store: your developers will start seeing the API, be able to invoke it, provide feedback, and so on.
Prototypes can also have versions so you can iterate on your prototypes as your vision evolves, and then substitute the implementation with real backend. Here's a video of the whole process - it literally takes less than 2 minutes! [embed][/embed] And here's the detailed tutorial. Sign up for your free trial of WSO2 API Cloud now, and happy API programs!