3 Sep, 2019 | 3 min read

Retrieving API Statistics with WSO2 Cloud Analytics REST API

  • Nisrin Sheriff
  • Lead Technical Writer - WSO2

WSO2 API Cloud provides a rich set of statistics for the APIs published via WSO2 API Cloud. These statistics, which you can view via the default dashboards, allowing API publishers and subscribers to get instant insights into API usage, performance as well as anomalies. Therefore, monitoring and analyzing these statistics can help publishers and subscribers to get a clear idea about how their APIs are driving business value.

In addition to the UI based analytics provided by WSO2 API Cloud, we have now introduced an analytics REST API to cater to the more fine-grained analytics requirements of our customers. The new analytics REST API provides you the flexibility to extract more meaningful statistics depending on your business requirements, which allows you to generate reports and graphs to analyze the statistics that you retrieve. You can use the analytics REST API to retrieve statistics related to API usage, API latency as well as faulty and throttled requests and responses.

To use Cloud Analytics REST API, you need to have a paid subscription. If you are on a trial subscription, first you should upgrade to a preferred pricing plan. If you are on a paid subscription and you want to use the analytics REST API, contact us via a support ticket to obtain the required tokens to invoke the API.

For more information on how you can start using our analytics REST API, take a look at our documentation.