15 May, 2023 | 3 min read

Breaking Barriers: Inspiring Women in Tech at WSO2

  • Nishath Kareem
  • Senior Marketing Officer - Content - WSO2

Photo by ThisIsEngineering

The tech industry has long been known as a male-dominated field, but change is happening as more women break into the industry, challenging stereotypes and inspiring others to do the same. In this blog post, we will take a look at some inspiring interviews with women in tech from WSO2 who have navigated challenges, broken barriers, and achieved success in their respective roles. These women share their experiences, lessons learned, and advice for those who aspire to be successful in the tech industry.

The first interview features Padmika Dissanaike, the CFO of WSO2, who discusses the challenges that women encounter in the workplace, specifically juggling multiple roles such as mother, daughter, and wife. Padmika emphasizes the significance of having a supportive work environment to attain a work-life balance, which can ultimately lead to higher productivity and job satisfaction.

In this interview, Puny Navaratne, vice president of legal affairs, advocates for work-life balance, recognizing the significance of family responsibilities, especially within WSO2's youthful workforce. She advises establishing peer support networks where individuals who have faced similar situations can share their strategies for overcoming challenges. Puny highlights the value of transparency and underscores the significance of every role within the organization, including those at the front desk. Discover the reasons behind her perspective by watching the interview.

Udeshika, vice president of human resources and administration at WSO2, shares her insights into WSO2's hiring approach, which is based purely on merit and skill rather than a candidate's gender or race. Her thoughts remind us that true diversity and inclusivity start with a level playing field for all candidates.

Ayesha Dissanayake, senior technical lead at WSO2, believes that pushing boundaries is crucial to achieving success. She offers valuable advice to help anyone in their career or life journey, including staying true to oneself and not dwelling on things beyond our control.

Tasha Hettiarachchi, the associate director of marketing, recognizes the importance of balance in our lives, especially when it comes to managing multiple roles. She advocates for flexible work policies such as working from home or parental leave to promote diversity and inclusivity in the workplace. 

Nilmini Perera, senior lead technical writer at WSO2, shares her views on the importance of diversity and inclusivity in the workplace, as well as her biggest career lesson - to never hesitate to pursue your dreams, even in the face of failure.

If you're a woman in tech, we hope these inspiring interviews have motivated and encouraged you to pursue your dreams, and pave the way for future generations of women in the industry. And if you're an ally, we urge you to take action towards creating a more inclusive and diverse workplace. Together, we can challenge stereotypes and inspire change. So let's break barriers and make a difference!