6 Apr, 2020 | 3 min read

Introducing the 2020 WSO2 Partner Program

  • Jonathan Marsh
  • Vice President - Strategy - WSO2

Image credits: Scott Webb from Pexels

Given the times that we live in, one thing we are certain about is the impending changes to businesses. We’re ready to collaborate with our partners in creative ways to revamp existing approaches or introduce new ways of helping our customers navigate our present day reality.

With these factors in mind, we’ve launched an updated WSO2 Partner Program. The updates improve our Reseller and Integration Partner programs. Major changes include revised partner classifications, the introduction of status levels, a simplified fee structure, and a streamlined resale process for supported distributions under the WSO2 Software License.

Partner Programs

New classifications for partners consist of:

  • Value Added Reseller
  • Fulfillment Reseller
  • Certified Integration Partner
  • Integration Partner

These new programs distinguish reselling from partnering on integration projects. Value Added Resellers include all the responsibilities of a Certified Integration Partner and a Fulfillment Reseller, so there is no need for a VAR to also be a member under a separate program. The Premier Certified Integration Partner mixed the program classification with a rudimentary status indicator. This program is retired in favor of more comprehensive status recognition.

Status Levels

Partners are now awarded a status that reflects their achievements. Status levels apply across all partner programs and consist of five levels: Provisional, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Status levels are objectively awarded based on a history of successful projects and subscription sales, and on maintaining WSO2-certified engineering staff.

Objective measurement means customers can rely on the partner’s status as an objective measure of concrete achievements. The provisional status level represents new partners, who we work with extensively to complete initial WSO2 projects successfully. Provisional partners that do not advance to a higher status in the first year are weeded out of the program each January. Note that Provisional partners may have extensive WSO2 experience, but be new to the WSO2 partner program or working with us commercially for the first time.

Simplified Fee Structure

With status levels providing objective measures of achievement and sincerity about the program, we have jettisoned our previous partner fee structure. Previously fees could reach tens of thousands of dollars, returned through a complex rebate process. This helped us assess sincerity and commitment to the program and to opportunities under the program. Customers find objective success and transparency in the partnership more compelling, and we’ve dropped the fee structure, in favor of a simple common annual fee of USD 500 which applies to all partners.

Supported Distributions

WSO2’s commercial distributions are released under the WSO2 Software License. This license simplifies procurement through Resellers and helps users quickly adopt a path towards subscription. WSO2 Partners are required to use supported distributions in their engagements.

More Information

Please visit the updated Partner Directory to see current partners and their status awards. Want some recommendations for appropriate partners? Get in touch with us and we’d be happy to supply some recommendations appropriate to your project requirements and location.