19 May, 2021 | 3 min read

WSO2 Learning Management System: From Zero to 10K Learners and Beyond

  • Yohanna Fernando
  • Lead Marketing Officer - Training & Certification - WSO2

We crossed 10,000 users on our learning management system (LMS) today. I was user #1 on the 4th of July 2017. As the only person in the Training and Certification team at that time, I was also user #2, three days later, with a different email address!

It took months for the project to kick off: to get all the material we already had into the correct format, upload it into this new system, and to start promoting it. I soon realized that the presentations and hands-on exercises we had weren’t optimal and we needed video material to complement these. Getting the first set of videos for API Manager ready was a challenge, which took many months, but it was worth the effort as we managed to reuse it for other versions of the product as well.

Ironically, 2020, the year no one was prepared for, was when our numbers shot up dramatically. Since most of the world was in lockdown, many people all over the world had some extra time and were keen to upskill. Our LIVE training sessions in Q2 increased our sign ups exponentially, raising it up from less than 2000 users to almost 8000 within the year. Nearly 500 of our own employees have enrolled for courses, which is very encouraging to see.

Last year, we reached another major milestone by integrating our corporate website so that users can log in to the LMS with the same credentials without creating separate accounts.

A big thank you to Niveth for his untiring efforts in keeping our courses up-to-date (I’m glad I’m not alone in the team anymore!), Rodrigo for helping us put our very first LIVE sessions together, every single person who has provided us with countless pieces of content, and others who have contributed with their design and technical skills. Together, we have created a very useful learning tool!

We are super excited about how far we’ve come but we still have a long way to go, a lot of work to do and many improvements to make. We are especially looking forward to widening our audience by reaching out to people in their own language, collaborating with people outside our organization for amazing content, and hitting the next 10,000 within half the time!

If you are interested in our products but haven't signed up on the LMS yet, go ahead and browse through our list of FREE courses, pick what suits you best, and learn at your own pace!