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With this move from a monolithic architecture to a microservice cloud-based, container-friendly architecture, Brenntag and DigiB were able to reorganize their Asia Pacific regional hub activities, in turn increasing throughput and creating value within the organization. The new Brenntag Source intercompany trade platform, which is agile, efficient, scalable, and resilient, allows them to now process internal orders within a day, rather than 3 days.

Using WSO2 to implement Brenntag Source – Intercompany Trade was a key part of our strategic vision of moving away from a monolithic architecture into a microservice cloud-based, container-friendly application architecture. This has helped us to bring products to the market faster due to its agile nature and ease of implementation with WSO2. This has also improved the efficiency, scalability, and resiliency of the intercompany trading processes among the internal entities.”

Mei Lin Wong, Regional Managing Director – DigiB Asia Pacific

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