Passwordless Authentication

with WSO2 Identity Server

Nobody likes passwords, especially your users (hackers excluded). And, retrieving forgotten passwords have an impact on your support costs too.

User-friendly authentication mechanisms play a pivotal role in building better CIAM solutions. Add passwordless authentication with WSO2 Identity Server, which provides phishing proof, easy passwordless login with FIDO2.


What is Passwordless Authentication?

Authentication proves your user’s identity. Adaptive authentication brought in the ease of helping users authenticate based on contextual factors such as a user profile, an attribute, and so on.

With passwordless authentication, users can easily log in to applications without remembering complex passwords. By substituting with authentication methods such as a security key (such as Yubikey), biometrics (fingerprint, face ID or touch ID), smart card or multi factor authentication, you can implement passwordless authentication and allow your users to replace password authentication and instantly log in to applications and systems seamlessly.

Types of Passwordless Authentication

Traditional password based authentication methods require a user to provide something they know (a password or answering security questions) in order to verify who they are and gain access to an IT application. Whereas passwordless authentication technology requires a user to prove that they have something or that they are someone.

Below are the most common passwordless authentication methods with multiple authentication factors used for verifying a user's identity.

  • Biometrics

Biometric authentication is a passwordless authentication method that uses unique physical traits to verify a person without requesting for a password. With FIDO2 support, WSO2 Identity Server is able to handle passwordless authentication with biometrics.

  • One-Time Passwords

This access management method handles passwordless authentication using authentication factors such as a One-Time Password (OTP) or One-Time Code (OTC) which is sent via email or SMS to a device owned by a user. With SMS OTP and Email OTP support, WSO2 Identity Server facilitates handling passwordless authentication.

Why go passwordless with WSO2 Identity Server

  • User-friendly authentication process ensuring customer satisfaction
  • Easy setup in second— one-step registration
  • Reduce time to market
  • Extensible and flexible open-source nature

How Does Passwordless Authentication Work?

Setting up passwordless authentication with WSO2 Identity Server takes only a few seconds. Log in to our self-care portal, register your authenticator and sign in to your applications. It’s that simple. Now you know passwordless authentication. Try it Today!

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